COVID-19 Take 2

Te Reo Māori | Unite against COVID-19

As we’ve learned from our first round, we can squash this.

Tonight, Friday, 14th August 2020 we learned from a press release that Auckland goes into ‘cluster lockdown’ in level 3 and the rest of New Zealand in level 2.

While we know many of us are settling majority of New Zealand maintaining safe distancing and safe hygiene practices, there are also road bloack being put in place to make sure the ngangara doesn’t spread.

Dispite all this, its important that we as whanau, hapu and Iwi manaaki tangata and be kind during these times.

If you’re struggling or need support, please call 0800 MY TE HA (698342) to Ngati Whaatua and they will ensure to help you the best possible.

If you need support from the Marae, please feel free to call our Marae Committee 0800 1 RIPIA (174742)

For now, stay well, stay safe and play by the rules – we’ve got this!

Hoake tatou!

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