It’s Wānanga Time_2020!!!

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, ēngari he toa takimano
My strength is not that of an individual, but that of a collective…

Download and have a look at the program for the weekend…

Marae Development and planning is an essential part to being able to move forward as a whānau and hapū for the growth of Marae.

Ensuring that we capture the future outlook for whānau at a Marae and Hapū level, Rīpia Marae will be hosting a Wānanga Marae Rautaki – Marae Strategy Planning facilitaed by Kim Penetito and Joe Waru from Haua Partnerships Ltd to develop the Ripia Marae Development Plan.

Date: Rāhoroi, 17th October 2020

Time: 9:00am (Mihi Whakatau)

Where: Rīpia Marae, 1627 Poutō Road, Te Kōpuru

If you’re keen and interested to join in and participate, please don’t hesitate to come through and join in on developing the vision and future for Rīpia Marae.

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