Whānau Subscriptions

Whānau Subscriptions

Ripia Marae is keen to increase beneficiary or shareholder participation from all whānau whānui.

Contributions and subscriptions can be viewed as a form of connecting people to Ripia Marae, especially an option for those living away from Ripia Marae and willing to financially support the Marae and remain invested as a beneficiary.

The benefits of being a subscribed member are:

  • Subscription is set at $120 per annum,
  • Whanau couples or individuals may join up from 20 years of age.
  • Reduced Marae rates is effective 12 months after the initial payment of subscription.
  • Subscribers will be entitled to reduced Marae daily rate of $100, capped up to 3 days, thereafter the daily rates will be imposed.
  • Hold Executive positions including leadership roles on behalf of Ripia Marae.
  • Participate in all decision making.
  • Able to lead or contribute to projects, policies and all marae activities.
  • Review of this Policy will be at the AGM.

There are two ways that you can pay your subscription. These are:

  • Annual amount paid in full; or
  • Regular installments over the year.

If you’d like to see our ‘Subscription Policy’, please feel free to download it here:

For payment information, please make payments to our Investment Account with the following details:

Kiwibank Limited
Ripiar Marae Trust

Please use the following Payment Details:


[First name Initial].[Surname] (M.Ripia)