The following resources have been provided for you…

Please feel free to download these for your information about our marae.

Please download the ‘Ripia Marae Hiring Guide’ and fimiliarise yourself with our policies and procedures when hiring the marae.

Urupa Guidelines Policy

Privacy Policy

Tangihanga Policy

Communications Policy

Gang Insignia Policy

Ripia Marae Catering Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Ripia Marae Charter

Ripia Marae Development Plan 2020

If you’re keen to learn some new waiata or get a touch up, feel free to download our booklet with over twenty songs for different situations on the marae.

Feel free to subscribe to our Spotify music channel to learn how to sing these songs right from your mobile phone. Key Word: Ripia Marae.

Ripia Marae – Waiata Mai | Waiata Ako Booklet

Toku Turangawaewae – Ripia Marae Series [Trailor] Toku Turangawaewae

Ko Tokatoka te Maunga Ko Wairoa te Awa Ko Māmari te Waka Ko Ngati Whātua te Iwi Ko te Uri-ō-Hau te Hapu Ko Te Orikena te Wharenui Ko Ngā Anahera te Wharekai Ko Ripia te Marae. Hono and connection for us as a people is important to understand your place of belonging, how you got there and what we have that makes us who we are – a connection to people, land and culture. Welcome to “Tōku Tūrangawaewae” – the Ripia Marae series of whānau history, stories of whakapapa, connection and belonging. "Koinei to tātou kāinga, to tātou Tūrangawaewae…" Nau mai, whakarongo mai.